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In this interview with world icon George Lucas, the fans learn of what is to take place during the new Indiana Jones 6 movie.

SuperShadow: We know what happens in Indiana Jones 5. Do you have any idea of what Indy 6 will be about?
George Lucas: Since I sold Lucasfilm to Disney, it's no longer my decision of what happens with Indy or Star Wars.

SuperShadow: How does Indy get passed the angels?
George Lucas: I don't really have it figured out yet. Indiana Jones 6 is way, way early in development. These are just basic concepts, which could change. Yet the Garden of Eden would be the perfect prize for Indy because of the immortal powers of the trees located in the garden itself.

Indiana Jones

SuperShadow: Do you have any additional secrets of Indiana Jones 6?
George Lucas: Not really. It's a work in progress, which could change dramatically over time. The problem I run into is finding a supernatural object with a genuine mythical origin that the audience will accept. That's what makes creating these films so difficult. Sometimes you don't have any new ideas, which is why we take Indiana Jones one film at a time.

Indiana Jones SuperShadow: Thanks for sharing these ingenious Indy 6 ideas with the fans. Keep us updated with any changes you make to Indiana Jones 6.
George Lucas: I don't plan to spend much time working on Indy 6 for the time being, but as always you will be the first to know what happens.

SuperShadow: Thanks for your time.
George Lucas: I enjoy serving the fans immensely. I should be thanking each of you for the continual support you give me.

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